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مطور برامج – software developer
Job Title: Software Developer
Job Type: Full Time (08:00 AM ~ 05:30 PM)
– Job Summary:
Handle all issues related to software system (ERP system), and keep operation performance stable.
Create needed analysis using SQL server.
Create reports using (Devexpress & Microsoft reporting services) as per business needs.
Maintain System performance and resolve any issues or bugs that may affect daily operations.
Execute any modifications; addition, deletion or update on system database. Handle all issues related to software system wrong data entries.
Help employees to efficiency do their daily work on the system.
Support in any new projects related to software development (Web application or Windows application).
– Job Requirements:
Bachelor Degree in computer science or any relevant field. 1+ years of experience in software development.
Excellent knowledge of SQL Server. Excellent knowledge of C#.Net.
Good English Language.
Problem solving, time management skills and ability to handle work pressure.
– يفضــل من سكان العـاشر من رمضان ومحافظة الشرقية
المزايــــــــا : – أنتـقالات من والى الشركة – تـأمينات أجتماعية – تأمين صحى – حوافز وبدلات
يرجى أرسال السيرة الذاتيــة (واتســاب) أو الاتصال
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تفاصيل الوظيفة

فئه الوظيفة QC & Testing Software Tester تكنولوجيا معلومات وبرمجيات
الدوام دوام كامل (Full-Time)
الراتب -
الموقع الشرقية- العاشر من رمضان
تاريخ النشر 30 يونيو، 2021


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Applet can also be used in conjunction with Ion Track which simulates ion tracks. Standard Features of the Applet: Rotate the view with mouse drag Drag particles to change direction of motion The potential surface can be displayed. Divergence, curl and Wikipedia's homepage can be displayed Field can be clicked and dragged by hand Teaches many of the basic vector properties of an electric field 3-D Vector Fields Applet (Requires Java 3 https://ip-tv.life/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/anysgavr.pdf 50e0806aeb chebire

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